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Impact of COVID-19

Killion Industries, Inc. is open for business as we are an “essential business service” to our customers in the grocery and retail business.

Please note that during this unprecedented time, our shipping/handling charges may fluctuate due to fee increases from our shipping partners, FedEx and UPS, who are experiencing above average requests for their services as they continue to operate during this pandemic.

We will continue to monitor this situation and adjust accordingly. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to our customers.

On behalf of all of us at Killion Industries, thank you for your continued business.

I need to order a part. How can I place an order?

Please use our Checkstand Parts online store or Refrigeration Parts online Store to purchase your part, or download and fill out the appropriate Parts Order Form and email the form to parts.service [at] killionindustries.com. To process your order, Killion requires use of either our online store or printed confirmation on either a Purchase Order or Parts order form.  We do not take verbal orders over the phone.

I need a service technician to work on my checkstand or refrigeration unit.

Killion Industries does not have service technicians in the field.  We use local service companies for service tech support.  Please refer to our listing of Service Tech Companies in your area.  We do not offer any expressed or implied guarantees with our reference.  If our online listing does not have a service company in your area, please see www.servicemagic.com for a service company near you.

Can I get a copy of my invoice?

For Purchase Orders on account with Killion, invoices are mailed out weekly and you will receive a paper copy of your invoice at the Bill to address you provided on your Purchase Order. 

For credit card customers, if you provided an email address on your order, credit card receipts are emailed when your order is processed.  

To request an invoice be emailed to you, click here for the Invoice Request Form. For further questions please contact the Killion Parts Department.

My checkstand or refrigerator is not working. What can I do?

Please refer to our helpful Troubleshooting Guides.  Further technical support is available by contacting the Killion Parts Department.

My conveyor belt will not work. How can I determine what part I need?

The most common replacement parts needed are the Electric Eyes, Control Module or Powerroll Belt Motor.  Please see our Checkstand Troubleshooting Guide that will give you step by step instructions on how to determine which part needs to be replaced.

How do I determine which size motor I need to purchase?

Your motor size corresponds to the width of your conveyor belt. Measure your belt width to within 1/16” and then choose the motor that corresponds to that size. Please note, we only carry one size motor per width and use nominal sizes to refer to the motor size. For example, an 18.86” motor is an 18” Powerroll, and a 20.86”motor is a 20” Powerroll. Killion Belt Size and Motor Reference Guide

How do I determine which Control Module I need to purchase?

There is a Model number on the label of the Tri Tronics Control Module which begins with “PM”.  Look for this number in our online store or parts order form.

How do I determine which Electric Eyes I need to purchase?

There is a Model number on the label that is on the front face of the eye.  In order to see this label, remove the eye from the eye block and you will be able to read the label.  Then look for this number in our online store or parts order form.  If your eyes have a different design than the block shape please contact the Killion Parts Department for further assistance.

How do I know which size belt I need?

To ensure you are ordering the correct size belt, measure the width and length of the belt to 1/16” and find the corresponding belt in the list found on the Checkstand Online Parts Store.  To easily measure the length of the belt, place a strip of masking tape around the belt and mark the tape at the overlap point.  Then remove the tape and measure the total length.

Where do I find my model/serial number?

For checkstands, the model and serial number are on a metal placard, located on the inside wall where the cashier stands.  For refrigerators, the metal placard with the model and serial number is usually located on the inside wall of the unit or on the back of the unit near the temperature controller.

How do I get to my motor?

Instructions on accessing your checkstand belt motor are found in the Belt Size, Replacement and Adjustment Guide.

How do I get to my control module?

You can access your Control Module through the access panel door on the front module of the checkstand.

What is my tracking number?

Tracking information can be requested by emailing the Killion Parts Department.